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Evergreen hedges (cedar, yew, false cypress, juniper, etc.) need in general only one yearly pruning, after the spring growth, to maintain the aesthetics of the hedge during the major part of the year. To keep it from widening, the hedge must be pruned every year while making sure to keep enough greenery. Except in special circumstances, pruning can be done until the beginning of September. It is also possible to reduce the height of hedges by several feet because new branches (apical dominance) will recreate the crown of the shrubs. To do so however, aesthetic and pruning norms must be taken into consideration.

Flowering hedges and deciduous hedges (honeysuckle, Siberian elm, etc.) are pruned once or several times every year, according to the growth rate of each species. The first pruning is usually done in June, after the spring growth or after blossoming. The last intervention should take place before September.

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